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Karate competitions are no longer illegal in Quebec, and after being temporarily closed due to illegality, competitions can resume, according to Karaté Québec.

“It’s a huge relief for the entire Quebec karate community,” said the organization’s president, Stéphane Rivest, in a statement.

After pressure from the players, the government issued an order banning the sport from section 83 (2) of the Penal Code, allowing the competitions to continue.

About two weeks ago, Karate Québec announced that the Quebec Cup had been postponed due to “problems in the interpretation and application of the Criminal Code” which makes karate competitions illegal without a provincial order.

The sport no longer has a place under the law as karate is not on the Olympic program for the 2024 Paris Games.

Although the practice of the sport is legal, the cancellation of the Olympic exemption without an order means that the competition can expose the organizers, fans and athletes involved in what so-called championships to the risk of crimes will be punished, said the group.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said at the time that the leasing department and sports safety department were working with Karate Québec to find a solution.

But efforts to address the situation have been slow due to the provincial election, and are now awaiting the announcement of a new cabinet.

Rivest urged the government to act quickly so athletes can compete and prepare for major events like the 2023 Canada Winter Games. Three new events are on the schedule for October -a-airi now the legal issue is settled.

“The postponement of some competitions came at a very important time to qualify, but, you really followed the instructions,” said Karate Québec in a Facebook post.

“Thank you for this student who does not match the values ​​of our sport.”


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