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Suella Braverman said she “ignored legal advice” about detaining asylum seekers in an immigration center.

The home secretary, facing calls to quit for a second time, said he understood the “importance of taking legal advice” and “has made every effort to find a home to save under pressure” at the Manston estate in Kent.

Braverman said the “system is broken and illegal immigration is out of control”, and that Britain is facing an “assault” of asylum seekers on the south coast.

Shelter secretary Yvette Cooper said there were 4,000 people on the site, which was originally designed to hold 1,600 people. “The conditions have been considered dangerous to people, with the risk of fire, disease and death,” he said.

Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale blamed Braverman for the crisis, blaming his failure to demand extra housing. He said Manston was “very nice and good until five weeks ago”.

Braverman denied stopping transfers from Manston to hotel accommodation, but said it prevented leaving “thousands of people” without a place to stay.

Braverman told MPs: “Some people want to get rid of me. Well let them try. I know I speak for the majority of British people from everywhere who want to safe and secure zones.

Struggling to speak as he was jeered by Labor MPs, Braverman added: “Let’s be clear about what’s going on here: the British people need to know that which group is most active in stopping the invasion of our south coast and which group is not. About 40,000 people have arrived on the south coast this year alone, most of them organized by criminal gangs, some of whom are members of organized crime groups.

“So let’s stop saying they are all refugees in trouble. The whole nation knows that’s not true. The honorary members of the party seem to be different.

In his speech to the parliamentarians, Braverman defended his decision to keep thousands of people in the center, saying “it is not possible to sell more than 1,000 beds in a short time”, and said there was “competition and heavy demand” for housing from Ukrainians, Afghans and social housing.


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