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CHICAGO — Residents of the 19th Ward were relieved when a Cook County judge ordered one of the three men accused in the shooting death of an on-duty Chicago police officer to remain in custody after they tried to be released before trial.

Bryant Hayes, 22, is accused of handing a gun to a co-worker, who police said opened fire on three men in pursuit of a crowd following a confrontation outside a Beverly bar in July. Off-duty CPD Officer Danny Golden was shot and paralyzed as he tried to break up the standoff. Hayes faces multiple counts of felony firearms and attempted murder. He and his two accomplices are due back in court on December 12 for another preliminary hearing.

More than 150 residents filled Judge Diana Kenworthy’s courtroom and blocked the hallways and lobby of the Layton Criminal Court building in support of Golden and his family. The hearing, which was shown on Zoom, exceeded the 300-person limit.

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“The judge had a lot to say,” Ald. Matt O’Shea (19th place). “There was a tremendous outpouring of relief in the courtroom and in the hallway. I was sure the judge would deny pretrial release, but you never know.

O’Shea is publicly clashing with Mayor Lori Lightfoot over the $9.4 billion 2023 city budget, which he said does not address hiring more police officers.

Find out what’s happening at Beverly-MtGreenwoodWith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“I cannot vote for a budget that fails to address our city’s police officer hiring crisis,” O’Shea told WGN’s Lisa Dent. “We’re going to get another 1,000-plus officers out the door this year. We are going to hire less than 700 people. For four years in a row, twice as many people are leaving as coming in, and once again this budget has failed to address that.

O’Shea said he supported new hiring and housing incentives as a way to attract more police officers needed to maintain residency in the city.

“Our city is in a public safety crisis. Since this mayor took office, crime is up 100 percent, murder is up 30 percent, theft is up 30 percent,” Oshe said. “If we are serious about fighting crime, we need more police officers. I cannot in good conscience represent my community support a budget that does not address public safety.

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