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Phoenix police on Monday praised a man whose “heroic actions” prevented a “possible school shooting.”

They released the video of the incident with the hashtag #Who is this?.

CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO-TV reported it happened on September 22.

Desiree Marce Elisa Fetchers pulled out a gun with the child just a few feet away from the Mountain View school before an officer intervened, the station said, citing police.

In the video, a child can be seen getting into a car with a man as Featchurs resists.

“He wanted to get in. He’s getting in,” the officer says, referring to the boy getting into the car.

“You think I am [expletive] Playing?” she was heard to shout before taking the gun out of her purse.

The officer immediately catches Features.

KPHO says she was arrested on multiple charges.

No word on why Featchurs was upset.


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