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Two different voting system companies, Dominion and Smartmatic, are involved in multi-billion dollar lawsuits against Fox for making false claims about the two companies’ voting machines stealing votes from Fox. Donald Trump. Despite Fox’s efforts to keep internal discussions under wraps and limit litigation, the media company has been in trouble after being hit in court; last week, the New York Times reported that a judge granted access to Dominion to several Fox News Media executives Suzanne ScottEmails and text messages and more have surfaced about what went on behind the scenes at the media company in the weeks after the election. On Sunday, Fox’s legal troubles got even more complicated because, as Semafor first reported, the general counsel of Fox Corp. Viet Dinh He was licensed to practice law in California in June—although he became the company’s chief legal officer in September 2018.

Dinh, Fox Corp.’s chief legal and policy officer, is licensed to practice law in Washington, DC, but when his law license expired in California—where he lives—in The first to come to the attention of Fox in 2018, the lawyer dismissed the concern, according to Semafor. “However, recently, he has insisted on quietly fixing his license issue, which can open the independence, and easily or embarrassingly, the information to Murdoch to be found because they are not entitled to attorney-client privilege,” the outlet said. . (Irena Brigantia Fox spokesperson said in a statement to Semafor that Dinh’s legal license “has no effect on pending litigation or for official purposes.” An anonymous Fox News spokeswoman said Dinh’s request was initially delayed by the absence of the State Bar of California. Dinh’s request, just because of COVID-19; however, the Director General of the State Bar of California rejected both of these claims.)

The licensing issue goes head-to-head with Fox in these cases. Fox argues that it is protected by the First Amendment, and that the issue is covered by the allegations. The $1.6 billion Dominion issue is on view, along with some of Fox’s biggest stars, like Sean Hannity a Tucker Carlson it’s being dropped (Scott, reportedly, hopes to drop it soon). Meanwhile, Fox’s efforts to “minimize the amount of content it needs to provide to Dominion,” per times, it didn’t go so well. Last month, a Manhattan judge ordered Fox News to begin turning over documents to Smartmatic, which Fox is suing for $2.7 billion. Per Semafor, Smartmatic Lawyer J. Erik Connolly is already looking to join Dinh’s talks with Fox executives. “This is something that Smartmatic will be asking us as we move forward with discovery,” Connolly told the outlet.

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Currently, the CEO of Dominion John Paulus is starting to talk about the damage he says Fox has done to his company. “People are in trouble,” Polous said Anderson Cooper above 60 minutes On Sunday night, the effects of Fox News on its staff continued. (Current and former Fox hosts Maria Bartiromo a Lou Dobbs (The lawsuit alleges inflated claims about Dominion paying, among other things, “kickbacks” to government officials who use its services and engaging in voter fraud.) their families,” said Polous. it was wrong and everything was a lie.”

“My kids are still not allowed to pick up a package from the front door until it’s verified as a genuine sender,” Polous said.


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