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Retail drug stores in Burlington

Ontario has established laws that govern how, where and who can buy and take drugs in the province. Visit for details. A set of Burlington municipal cannabis retail store guidelines about the best place for drug stores in our city.

The provincial government gave Ontario municipalities a one-time bid to open drug stores in their communities. The deadline for cities to make this decision January 22, 2019.

On Monday, January 14, 2019, at a Special Council Meeting, the Burlington Council voted to approve the operation of retail drug stores in Burlington. The Council also voted to create a citizen task force with terms of reference that include legal recommendations and create guidelines for future drug stores.

The vote to allow commercial drug stores in Burlington means that brick and mortar stores with an approved license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) are allowed to sell recreational drugs in Burlington. as of April 1, 2019. The AGCO is responsible for issuing retail licenses for drug stores in Ontario. To conduct a search to find current cannabis stores in Burlington, please visit AGCO Licenses and search for Cannabis Retail Store Authorization (type) in Burlington (address).

Cannabis production in Burlington

The Cannabis Act, 2018 became law on October 17, 2018, creating a new policy framework for regulating the production of medicinal and recreational drugs in Canada. The City’s current policies cover the production of drugs for medical purposes only, based on laws enacted before the Cannabis Law.

To align with the new government policies, the City Council issued a staff directive to “Direct the City Manager to conduct a zoning study, including public consultations, on the issue of recreational drug land use.” on December 17, 2018.

To guide the research, the staff developed a two-part action plan:

  • Part One – initial background research and initial public service; a
  • Part Two – further research, policy development and formal public participation.

Phase One was completed and the findings were summarized in staff report PB 68-19: Cannabis Use Study – Action Plan Phase 2, which provided recommendations to Council for Phase Two of the action plan . Council issued a staff directive to “Direct the City Manager to proceed with the “Phase Two” action plan of the Cannabis Study, as described in the report of the city planning department PB-68-19” on November 5, 2019.

Phase Two involves further research to develop and refine the initial recommendations, including formal internal and external engagement. On November 16, 2021, a legislative Public Meeting was held on the Local Law Amendment model to implement the findings of the Cannabis Consumption Study, as reported in staff report PL-06-21: The Cannabis Use Study. At this meeting, Council issued a staff recommendation to “Receive and submit information from the community planning department PL-06-21 regarding the Cannabis Investment Study; and Direct the Director of Community Planning to report back to the Community Planning, Coordination and Development Committee in Q1 of 2022 with final recommendations.

Based on the public comments received, the amendment to the Local Law has been revised to prohibit the manufacture of drugs outside near schools and day care centers.

Read the proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment

To learn more, including obtaining a staff report, making a statement at a meeting, submitting a written statement, or contacting staff, see the legal notice.

Cannabis and the police

The Halton Regional Police Department, in and around Burlington and other local government partners have been working hard to prepare for drug legalization. The role of the police is always to apply and enforce the relevant laws.

The Halton Regional Police Department has released a press release:

Police have compiled information to answer questions people may ask, including:

Visit the HRPS cannabis website for more information at and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Cannabis and the City of Burlington – Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do about the smell of cannabis coming from my neighbor’s house?

The smell or smoke produced by the cultivation or use of recreational drugs is not regulated by the municipal ordinance.

Residents may use recreational drugs in a private residence, including an outdoor area of ​​the residence (for example, a porch or backyard) as well as in their unit or on their balcony. We encourage you to talk directly with your loved one about your concerns about drug use.

My neighbor is smoking in their yard and my kids are smoking. What should I do?
You are encouraged to share your concerns with your neighbors so that an amicable resolution can be reached.
Can a resident smoke or grow marijuana in a condo or apartment?
Cannabis use in a multi-unit building such as an apartment or condo depends on building regulations or a lease agreement. Check with your housing manager or housing board for more information. Landowners can prevent cannabis from growing on their property.
Can I smoke cannabis in a public park or house?
Recreational drug use is not permitted in Burlington city parks or areas. To file a complaint about eating in a public place, contact Halton Region Health at 311 or 905-825-6000.
Where can I grow cannabis?

For recreational drug users, the law allows the following:

You can grow up to four cannabis plants for each village (not every person) if:

  • 19 years and older
  • it is for your personal use only
  • The ingredients were purchased from the Ontario Cannabis Shop or an authorized retail store
  • unless otherwise prohibited by your lease agreement or housing laws
Do I need a city license to grow four plants on private property?
No. No municipal license is required for growing cannabis plants.
I am concerned that my neighbor is growing four plants. Who do I contact to check this?
Contact the Halton Regional Police Department at non-emergency number 905-825-4777 for recreational gardening of more than four plants.
How do I know if a pharmacy is legal?
Contact Health Canada at or 1-888-225-0709 or the government at
What if someone steals my plants?
Contact the Halton Regional Police Department at the non-emergency number 905-825-4777.


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