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KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) – Some Central Texans are celebrating now that marijuana has been decriminalized in two Bell County cities. But officials said getting this program off the ground would be challenging.

Proposition A passed with overwhelming support Tuesday: 64% voted yes in Harker Heights, 69% voted yes in Killeen.

In both cities, the measure would make it illegal to possess less than four ounces of marijuana for personal use without allowing the law to stop someone because they’ve sniffed it. the drug.

KWTX News 10 spoke with two members of the Killeen Council who gave different statements about the following episodes. A city spokeswoman later clarified that council members will be able to read or approve the ballots on Nov. 22. This is a common procedure for all ballots.

After verifying the votes, former Killeen mayor and Killeen City Council member Jose Segarra said the council will meet with an attorney to discuss next steps. .

“We have to figure out what to do next because there’s nothing on our ballot that directly contradicts federal law,” he said.

Since 1931 the use and possession of marijuana has been illegal under Texas state law. Segarra said the council could vote among council members based on their attorney’s recommendations.

When asked if this project is not valid, Segarra said that is what the council is trying to figure out now with their attorney.

Jerry Bank, city manager for the city of Harker Heights, told KWTX News 10 that there are two phases left for the project to become official. First, the Harker Heights city council needs to change the polls. Then the whole process was published in the newspaper.

Once the ordinance is passed, the City Council can amend or repeal it. The bank released the following statement to KWTX News 10 in part:

“City staff, after consultation with the City Attorney, believe that the proposed ordinance is inconsistent with the Constitution. Therefore, we are asking the City Council to repeal it. complete the law.

The City is not involved in the legalization of marijuana. The State of Texas sets these laws, and if the public wants to change these laws, the State Council is the proper place to seek those changes.

One concern in Killeen right now is against the state’s legislation as a legislative session at the Capitol is just around the corner.

“We’re always looking for money from our country, and we’re always pushing the government whether it’s roads or tax incentives,” said Segarra. “I don’t want them to come back and say ‘you’re not following state law.'”

Expect both sides of the coin to fight in the courts.

“It will be interesting to see what happens going forward to see what happens when the two sides are fighting, they will be ready to see what is going on at the government level,” he said.


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