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All madrasas must upload the location, names and addresses of teachers, and other details

All madrasas must upload the location, names and addresses of teachers, and other details

All madrasas in Assam will soon be required to upload their locations, names and addresses of teachers, and other details, on a website designed to monitor and prevent misuse by “jihidi” activities.

The State Director General of Police (DGP), Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, said that the decision to issue a portal for data protection of the estimated 1,000 madrasas in Assam was taken after a meeting with some Muslim MPs. and representatives of four Islamic organizations. On the 4th of September.

These organizations – Assam State Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, All Assam Tanzim Madaris Qaumia, Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadith, and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat – run most of the madrasas in the State.

Mr. Mahanta said that the need to monitor these madrassas was felt after it was discovered that some madrassas have links with the terrorist groups Al-Qaeda in India (AQIS) and the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). Three such madrasas in Morigaon and Bongaigaon districts were demolished in August.

“We want to create a directory of all the madrasas run in Assam. Many of them are unregistered and unauthorized. Our aim is to prevent anti-India, jihadist elements from using the madrasas for their primary purposes. ,” said the DGP.

The Assam government converted about 800 state-run madrasas into regular schools a year ago. This did not affect about 1,000 private madrassas, of which 739 are registered.

The rules followed by madrassas vary. The governing bodies have been asked to upload the rules of each madrasa online, with fine details such as the salary paid to each teacher and the number of students.

Mr. Mahanta justified the move to protect madrasas. “Our goal is to stop the global conspiracy of al-Qaeda and unscrupulous organizations like [Pakistan’s] ISI to make Assam their jihad ground,” he said.

He admitted that the four Islamic organizations that run the madrasas are standing by him. “It was impossible to destroy AQIS and ABT units in Assam without them,” he said.

Maulana Abdul Qadir, the secretary of the Tanzim Council, said that people associated with madrasas and some mosques are involved in acts against the nation. “We have come to help the Assam Police to eradicate this problem from the State,” he said, adding that about 40% of the State’s population is involved in these activities.

He also said that the Islamic organizations will conduct a search across Assam in the next six months to remove people involved in acts of treason in the name of religion.


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