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The third edition of the Majuli Art Festival will be held at Kherkatia bank in Jengrai Chapri village from November 25 to 27 to create ‘hope’ in the Manjuli community about their future.

Majuli is the largest river island in Northeast India, the music festival has already been held twice (2019, 2021) on the island. The people of Assam also consider Majuli as the cultural hub of the state due to its diverse tribal communities and cultural presence.

Increasing Popularity Across the Country

The youth-led community-led Majuli Festival is now becoming a popular event in the country. It had a footfall of over 30,000 people in both editions. This music festival is organized every year in the month of November by Majuli Music Festival Foundation, RIGBO and in collaboration with several government and non-government organizations.

Being the largest indie music festival in India, it has received huge support from local music lovers. Some internationally recognized artists and bands- Sankuraj (Assam), Trance Effect (Nagaland), and Rain in the Sahara (Spain, Assam), among others also performed the first and second editions of the festival. .

Find out about the Third Edition

This year, the event was organized with the central idea of ​​creating ‘Hope’ in Majuli communities about their future. Event organizers by sharing information The rational IndianHe noted that this event will also connect the tribal communities with the rest of the world through their culture, art and life.

Overall, the music festival aims to promote Majuli and its people by promoting tourism and boosting the rural economy. Since its establishment, Majuli has shown its ability to attract tourists from all over the country and the world, being known as the largest river island in the world.

As more people visit the place, they will learn more about its history, culture and traditions. The music festival also has the same purpose.

The Majuli Music Festival 2022 will also significantly promote domestic production such as traditional clothing and food while strengthening the rural economy through housing facilities and hotels.

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