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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the BJP will come away with at least 55 seats in the 60-member assembly and urged the workers to sacrifice the next three months unconditionally to bring the party back to power.

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Addressing BJP workers in Agartala on November 7, Himanta Biswa Sarma said before the last assembly elections when he visited Tripura he saw the frustration, suffering, and suffering on the face of the people due to 25 years of bad governance. a communist. But today the faces have been changed to a look of happiness and satisfaction after five years of BJP rule even though many of the wishes are yet to be fulfilled.

“We know that five years of time in the history of the state is nothing. In 50 years of government, Tripura was ruled by communists for 35 years, Congress for five years and both parties together for the first five years but BJP for the last five years. it is not over yet, even then the success rate is evident. The difference, and we hope that Tripura will progress further in the next five years of BJP rule,” said Sarma.

He pointed out that in these five years the BJP has spent most of its time to clean up the system, which was dirty for a long time.

However, the BJP-IPFT government in Tripura has done a lot for the state in terms of improving communication, governance, and development indicators, which is clearly visible to the public now – Tripura is progressing like other states in the country. under the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said.

Highlighting Modi’s rule, Himanta Biswa Sarma said: “Northeast used to have one representative in the central assembly, none other than Santosh Mohan Dev. No one at the center was concerned about the North East and thought it was progress. But today at least five ministers have got important posts in the central government of Tripura, for the first time it has got a central minister working for the state and the region.”

The Prime Minister’s visit to the North East looked like a big event during the previous governments but at least 60 times Narendra Modi visited the region during his seven years in office. The people of the North-East are no longer facing problems with their identity in Delhi or other cities, as the Modi-led government has presented the region so well that people have forgotten their bad past, Sarma reminded.


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