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A Montana hunter who shot and skinned a Siberian husky he mistook for a wolf on a hunting trip, then bragged about the kill on social media, has been cited for animal cruelty, officials said. .

Amber Rose Barnes, 36, of Martin City, was charged with animal cruelty — a misdemeanor — for the accidental death of a 6-month-old husky in September, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News Digital.

He is to appear in the Court of Justice for the charge in two weeks.

Barnes sparked national outrage after posting gruesome photos of a mutilated pig on Facebook.

“So this morning I went on a solo bear hunt for a fall black bear but I had the opportunity to take another wolf predator 2022 which is a good feeling to send a message to my man and the say I’ve smoked wolf smoke #firstworld #onelesspredatorMT,” he wrote above five photos of himself with a bloody pig on September 23.

In one image, the husky is slumped over in his flatbed truck while grinning widely, patting the dog’s lifeless head with his right hand and holding his gun in his left.

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Online backlash was swift, with readers calling Barnes the “Montana butcher” and saying he was – not a wolf.

It appears the husky that died was one of more than a dozen dogs abandoned in the Flathead National Forest about 60 miles south of Glacier National Park – near where Barnes e arrested, according to the local police department.

The mistake didn’t faze Barnes, who later insisted he shot the cub in self-defense.

“This animal was howling and coming at me as if it was going to eat me,” he wrote. “Well, I was wrong because I thought it was a hybrid wolf pup but I don’t know [sic] 19 dogs being dumped in the desert 11 miles into the desert, yes, I’m going to shoot them because they’re aggressive, they’re coming right at me!”

Barnes purchased a wolf license before the hunt, the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks told Fox News Digital.

“We don’t charge for hunting violations, because no animals come under Fish, Wildlife and Park authority,” said Dillon Tabish, director of the agency’s communications and education program. .


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