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A youth from Assam who killed another youth from his state and tried to mislead the police about his identity has been arrested by the police six and a half years after the crime.

Umanath, 30, Guwahati, who worked at Purushothaman’s house in Puthenchira, Mala, was killed six years ago. Mala police arrested Manoj of Guwahati who was also working in the same house in Assam recently.

The murder took place on May 9, 2016. After a scuffle, Manoj hacked Umanath to death. He burned his body and his face changed beyond recognition. Later Manoj left his identity card and uniform near the dead body and left to mislead the police.

At first everyone believed that it was Manoj, who was killed. Police have been searching for Umanath, who has been missing since the murder. But later, the maid and the owner’s son suspected that the body was that of Umanath.

The police were looking for Manoj in migrant workers’ camps. During the investigation they could trace his bank account and got information that he was in Guwahati.

Manoj, who was brought to Mala on Saturday, was taken to the crime scene to collect evidence related to the murder.


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