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San Antonio – A 5-year-old boy who doctors said would never walk again after being shot in the back during a drive-by shooting is not only walking but also running.

Romeo Aguilar was shot on October 24, 2021. Three weeks after the shooting, he started moving his legs and was able to get around with the help of a walker.

“He won’t be using that walker again, I’ll tell you that. Walker has been gone for a long time,” said his mother, Rosella Aguilar.

More than a year after the shooting, Aguilar said Romeo was running around with his friends. She said Romeo’s recovery journey has been amazing, but it’s not over. Despite all his progress, he pulled a leg slightly and is still in rehab to build strength in his legs.

“When we went trick-or-treating. His legs went limp, like they were just going to give out. They give him no clue. He begins to fall. So we use wheelchairs for long trips,” Aguilar said.

She added that the mental battle was tough for Romeo. Her son has PTSD and still has nightmares about the shooting.

“Screaming get me out of the car. They’re shooting me,’ Aguilar said, referring to his son’s nightmares.

Although some days come with a lot of struggle, she says every day is a blessing.

“We make every day amazing because we still wake him up and can tell him we love him,” Aguilar said.

She said she has forgiven those responsible for the shooting but will never forget what they did.

At last check, San Antonio police have yet to make any arrests in the case.

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