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Jessica Lee, Partner, Loeb & Loeb

What do you call someone who actually reads online privacy policies?

Answer: Lawyer.

And therein lies the problem with message and choice.

While it makes sense in theory to give people information about how their personal data is being used and the ability to opt-in or not, notice and choice don’t work in practice.

Asking the average consumer to read and fully digest cookie notices or privacy policies is unrealistic, says Jessica Lee, partner at Loeb & Loeb and head of the data privacy, security and innovation practice, speaking on this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks.

“I mean, there are people in this space who are still trying to understand advertiser data flows and how things work,” Lee says.

So what is the alternative?

There’s no easy fix, but better consumer education can help, Lee says.

“I think consumers need to be taught in school how the internet works, how websites work – it should be part of the curriculum so that consumers can make better choices,” she says.

But this burden should not rest only on the shoulders of the consumer. The company is obliged to invest in proper data management and reasonable data usage policies. A little bit of data ethics goes a long way.

Otherwise, “it’s almost a full-time job to give up data collection,” Lee says. “The current notice-and-choice model is broken, and I think regulators understand that as well.”

Also in this episode: Why the Kochava case should be a wake-up call for the ad tech industry (despite the company’s recent motion to dismiss), preparing for the California Bill of Rights, and why it’s time to stop using “privacy platitudes.”


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