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Lily-Rose Depp Reveals Why She Won't Talk About Father Johnny Depp's Fight With The Law

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Setting the record straight. Lily-Rose Depp talked about why he remained silent throughout his father Johnny DeppLegal battles with women in the past Amber Heard.

“Because it’s so private, it’s so personal, and then it’s not so personal … I’m really into my secret garden,” the model, 23, explained in the time of interview and Elle published on Wednesday, November 16.

The King The actress also said that she wants her career to stand on its own terms. “I don’t think I’m here to answer for anyone, and I think for a lot of what I’ve done, people really wanted to meet me by the men in my life, even if they were members of my family , or a boyfriend, whatever. ,” she explained. “And I’m really ready to explain what I’m going to put out there.”

Johnny, 59, shares Lily-Rose and son Jack, 20, with ex Vanessa Paradis. The Pirates of the Caribbean The star and the French actress, 49, dated for 14 years before announcing their split in June 2012.

Lily-Rose explained that part of her reluctance to talk about her father’s background was being born into a famous family. “My parents took care of me and my brother [fame] as much as possible,” he said Elle. “I know my childhood wasn’t like everyone else’s, and it’s important to work, but it’s the only thing I know.”

The They are travelers The actress has avoided talking about Johnny’s legal battle with Heard, 36, but her father spoke to her during a court appearance in April. While he was testifying against his ex-wife, the Finding Neverland The actor said that his daughter did not attend his wedding in 2015 to Aquaman star.

Lily-Rose Depp Reveals Why She Won't Talk About Dad Johnny Depp's Legal Fight With Amber Heard

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“My daughter Lily-Rose didn’t come to the wedding,” the Kentucky native said at the time. “He and Ms. Heard did not get along very well, for a number of reasons.”

Johnny sued Heard for defamation in 2019 after a lawsuit Magic Mike XXL The star published an op-ed in it The Washington Post where she described herself as a victim of domestic violence. In June, the judge granted the Lone Ranger star was worth $10.35 million, while Heard was awarded $2 million for her claim. Both sides are appealing the decision.

When Heard first came forward with domestic violence allegations against Johnny, Lily-Rose came to her father’s defense via social media. “My dad is the sweetest, most loving person I know,” she wrote via Instagram in May 2016. “He’s an amazing dad to my little brother and I, and everyone knows that. he said to him again.”


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