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Belushi’s Akwesasne Farm Dispensary will begin selling cannabis

Sales started last week at 987 State Route 37 in Akwesasne. Belushi’s Farm’s newest store designates a new publicly licensed dispensary to open under the the authority of the Saint Regis Mohawk people, read North Country Now. Akwesasne is a Mohawk Nation territory that straddles the intersection of international and provincial boundaries on both banks of the St. Louis River. Lawrence.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Thursday, October 27. The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council was in attendance the event, included a the character of actor Jim Belushi.

Belushi Farms products are now available in Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois and Massachusetts.

Marijuana begins to be sold at Vancouver’s Third Store

High Tide Inc. HIT HIT 2LYA He almost revealed it Canna Cabana drug store located at 5628 Dunbar Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, has begun selling recreational drug products and food accessories. for hard use last week.

The move marks Canna Cabana’s 141st cannabis retail location in Canada, fourth in British Columbia and third in Vancouver.

“With the opening of this Dunbar Village store, we are expanding our new discount club model, offering a wide variety of high-quality drugs and cutting-edge equipment at no-cost prices,” Raj Groversaid the president and CEO of High Tide.

The company’s three other sites in British Columbia are Fort St John in Northern British Columbia and Yaletown and the Olympic Village sites in Vancouver.

Verts is now available in both countries

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary is expanding its brand into the Missouri and Michigan markets.

Four new stores in Missouri – Dexter, Pacific, Gallatin and Joplin.

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary has ongoing expansion plans, including adding dispensaries in Michigan. These expansion projects focus on the western and upper peninsula of the Great Lakes State.

The company grows cannabis in Colorado and uses Tupur Organic Coco for the soil, without pesticides, to ensure that customers get a healthy plant every time they buy.

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