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It’s over. It is a costly and time-consuming disease.

After nearly half a billion dollars spent on advertising and promotion efforts and intense lobbying from the people of California and national sports betting companies, legal sports betting in California is finally on track. to the former: None.

And there’s no such thing as a future. Why? Ask the people of California.

Some gambling industry fans think it will take several years longer because of the widespread failures of Proposition 26 and 27 and the public’s boredom with discussion. The poll shows that the segment of the electorate that doesn’t readily approve of sports betting — young voters — is less likely to go to the polls. Therefore, if there is no public demand, the 73 nations that allow gambling in the state will have their own place in the process, even if their Support 26 is shooting at Support 27.

“I don’t think the industry has given people enough respect for themselves,” said Bill Pascrell III of the Princeton Public Affairs Group. “I think that the industry has often not reached out to the people, in the respect that an organization should have at the same level.”

“When you walk into a room and you look down your nose at a very powerful political party — even in the state of California — you’re going to do it to your death.”

Ballot Elections for California Sports Betting

Thought 26, commercial sports betting is allowed at 66 national sports facilities including Santa Anita Park, Del Mar Race Track, Los Alamitos Race Course and Golden Gate Fields. Tribal rights to gambling within the state will be strengthened, particularly with the Pechanga Indian Reservation, Barona Band of Mission Indians, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, and Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, with card rooms, bingo, and the remaining lot. The only legal gambling options in California.

There are more than 80 national and international groups.

Thought 27 It allows independent sportsbook operators like FanDuel and DraftKings to partner with Californians to offer mobile and online sports betting. The 10% tax will pay for, among other things, homeless programs, although those who doubt the truth of that claim include Governor Gavin Newsom.

It’s easy to see how the anti-27 forces can paint 27 as a plan for commentators, with national sports book companies and Major League Baseball representing the main sponsors.

Morongo Band of Mission Indians Vice Chair James Siva said at the Global Gaming Expo in October:

“Do not despise the peoples.”

If someone did, it wouldn’t be right. The managers of the country who poured millions into the useless work – like Florida in 2021 – need a new way to break into the most important country of 22 million inhabitants.

What’s next for sports betting in California?

California lawmakers could try to handle things in Sacramento, too. State Counselor Bill Dodd tried it in 2020, but dropped his sports funding reform proposal before it entered the distribution phase.

“Given the deadlines for the November election and the impact of Covid-19 on the public’s ability to weigh, we were unable to pass the bill through the finish line this year,” Dodd said at the time. “It is important to lift this general rule [of sports betting] out of the shadows to make life better and generate income for Californians. I will continue to participate in the program as we work towards 2022.

The District 3 Democrat could try again when the 2023-24 legislative session begins on Dec. 5. Creating a legislative version of the amendment would in theory allow tribes, pari-mutuel, and The nation’s gambling interests are negotiating individually and cannot afford $450 million in media spending to promote or defeat proposed constitutional amendments such as Proposition 26 or 27. This is a difficult process, facing opposition or very difficult to buy-in from the people in power.

Chris Grove, a partner at Acies Investments, said that the failure of the two referendums “is an opportunity to work together.”

Creating New Paths

No Power-C, Power-V.

California voter fatigue over Propositions 26 and 27 was expressed on social media before and after their two elections this season. Placing such amendment requests within a year is not prudent. The extent of the fall suggests that the ground has not yet been shaken, but it was released for public opinion on these sports betting proposals.

California law protects gambling fans from themselves.

“They can’t come back and I say they have the same idea. It really needs to be changed,” said Pascrell III. “There are a lot of legal opinions about what to do about that.

“Maybe if you took the homeless section and drove it in a different direction and tweaked it, you might be able to, but I think it’s a fool’s errand to come back next year. It’s too fast. You have seven or eight months to get another election. What will change?”

And if one tries, distribute the money better, Pascrell III said.

“If they’re going to spend any more money, they should spend it educating the voter about some of the benefits of bringing legalized sports betting to California,” he said. “Meaning: tackle homelessness. People don’t buy. Talk about the black market and the activities and money of the black market, in addition to the legal process and the importance of enforcement and regulation in order to solve the problem of gambling.”

FanDuel Investor ‘Bearish’ on California Outlook

California remains a plum piece of property on the national sports betting map, even though the three most populous states have yet to legalize sports betting. (That’s you, Texas and Florida)

Estimated time to reach passengers – no drivers! — drooling in FanDuel situations while crawling along I-10 is a source of life expectancy. The people of California may decide the speed, they can play a long game, especially if the sports betting is a small-scale place, they will regulate the casino gambling in the state. A simple request at the ballot box will further strengthen that position.

Paul Martino, an early FanDuel investor and managing partner of Bullpen Capital who spent 13 years in the Silicon Valley tech community, expects this game to last.

“I’m really disappointed in California,” he said. “I’ve always wondered if this project is going to get the kind of backlash that we thought it would – no one expects to spend $400 million on this project – but I wonder if this will go down this year in 2022, it will be five to 10 years before we bite into this apple again.

“I know I’m older than most Californians, but look, I lived in San Francisco for 13 years. I followed politics there when I was there. That’s what I think.” maybe the door will be closed by the end of this decade.”


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