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He was joined by Rep. Drew Hansen, D-Bainbridge Island, plans to introduce a sanctuary bill that would give patients and health care providers legal tools and protections if criminal or civil actions are taken against them for receive, help or provide family. health care services or gender confirmation services in this state.

Hansen, an attorney and chairman of the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committees, said the new law would prohibit out-of-state solicitation of services provided by the law in Washington.

Washington’s Reproductive Privacy Act enshrined abortion rights into state law in 1991 through a successful ballot initiative. Inslee said the next step would be to amend the federal constitution to make it more difficult for Congress to revoke health rights. But Washington was one of the staunchest defenders of abortion, even before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, was overthrown Roe v. Wade.

Rep. Rep. Tarra Simmons, D-Bremerton, plans to introduce a bill that would look to protect access to reproductive and sexual health care services from mergers and acquisitions of health care organizations. The bill would allow the Washington Attorney General to review mergers and acquisitions before they are completed.

Washington voters are heading into the midterm elections with abortion rights at the top of their minds, according to a September Crosscut/Elway poll. Voters have until November 8th to turn in the Electoral College ballot, which may explain why these proposals are being announced now, rather than closer to the legal position in the future. in January. All Washington House seats are up for election this year.

Friday’s meeting was a presentation by Inslee and lawmakers in their official capacity. But that same day, the Washington State Republican Party released a statement accusing Inslee of using tax dollars to promote Democratic candidates and the party’s cause. Republicans did not speak directly at the press conference on abortion policy, but their press release, released before the conference, noted that Inslee will stand with Sen. Claire Wilson, a Democrat from Federal Way is running for reelection.


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