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The NFL is weighing whether to punish Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams for shoving an official photographer on the way to the visitors’ tunnel after Las Vegas’ loss to the Chiefs last Monday. the photographer fell to the ground afterwards. Adams could be fined, suspended, or both.

Adams’ status will not be determined in the near future, according to sources familiar with the situation, indicating that Adams will remain on the field moving forward for Las Vegas this season. , until the end of its legal status.

The league usually acts quickly on on-field offenses to determine a player’s status for the next game and makes a decision on the suspension on the Wednesday morning of game week. Las Vegas is in good shape this weekend.

Adams’ situation, however, will not play an immediate role, in part to the legal development that occurred Wednesday when he was charged with violating city ordinances, according to a information officer of the Kansas City (Missouri) Municipal Court.

Because Adams pleaded guilty, his case is considered a potential privacy policy violation, requiring a league investigation. However, if the case is resolved in any way — the legal fees are dropped, Adams pleads guilty or some other outcome that resolves the situation — it could be resolved more quickly, the sources said. sources of information about the situation.

The citation states that Adams “willfully inflicted bodily harm or indignity” on the employee, punishable by punishment and severe headache and strife.

A court date was set for Thursday, November 10 at 1:30 pm CT.

Adams expressed his gratitude while speaking to reporters after the game and also on Twitter.

“Before I say anything,” Adams told reporters after the game, “I want to say thank you to the guy running off the field, he ran and jump in front of me. I’m coming from the floor, I bumped and pushed. I think he got on the ground, so I want to thank him because It’s just a shame that he was running in front of me.

Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels stood behind Adams, saying Tuesday, “I support Davante wholeheartedly.”

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