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Romney, WV – Authorities have not yet filed any charges in connection with last week’s fatal shooting at a school bus stop in Hampshire County.

According to Hampshire County Sheriff Nathan Zions, several students were waiting for the school bus to arrive when a man identified as Shawn Davis approached another man, identified as John Dulaney. Dulaney was sitting in a pickup truck at the bus stop around 6:30 last Wednesday morning.

“Davis had a knife in his hand when he approached Mr. Dulaney. A verbal argument ensued and Dulaney stated that Davis reached through the window with the knife. The knife was closed, but he said he was afraid he was going to open it and that’s when he fired two shots,” Zions said.

Those shots hit Davis in the chest. After the shooting, Dulaney got out of his vehicle, called 911 and began performing CPR, the sheriff said. Davis was pronounced dead at the scene.

The school bus did not arrive at the time of the shooting, but did arrive a short time later. The shooting was witnessed by five children who were at the bus stop.

“Kids interview differently than adults. We have trained interviewers that we work closely with who conduct those interviews for us. But the statements were all very consistent,” Zions explained.

Science says the investigation is ongoing, but all indications are that it was self-defense. Investigators will turn their findings over to the prosecuting attorney, who will present the evidence to a grand jury to determine whether to indict Dulaney. The weapon used in the shooting was legal and Dulaney was legally allowed to own a gun.

Scions does not indicate what may have caused the encounter.

“There is a history, but I’m not ready to explain it,” he said.

Sharif added that resources for counseling were provided to the children who were present at the time of the incident.


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