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In order to provide fulfillment to the Wood Based Industries, the Assam Cabinet has decided to promulgate the Assam Woodsed Industries (Promotion and Development) Rules, 2022 in which the Wood Based Industries (WBIs) will be classified as Primary, Secondary and The combination.

In the cabinet meeting on Saturday it was decided that the basic and integrated WBIs need licenses and should be located inside Industrial Estates. The above WBls require registration and do not need to be in Industrial Estates. Agar oil production units have been brought and brought under the registration system at Circle level. Concept of developing captive farming in WBls to achieve twin objectives of assurance of raw material supply as well as increase in assured income of farmers besides requirement of transfer of license/Registration of sale etc.

The Cabinet has decided to amend the Land Policy to promote the Basundhara Mission Amendment to the Land Policy, 2019 to include the definitions of indigenous people, generation, heritage land, settlement of heritage land of clans, settlement VGR and PGR land to get the right people. one time estimate under Mission Basundhara 2.0 effective till December 31, 2023 and restructuring of Land Advisory Subcommittee.

Around R328.19 crore has been sanctioned for the implementation of the Mission. The 10 services in the first phase of Mission Basundhara will be continued through the Assam Right to Public Services portal. Launch of Mission Basundhara 2.0 with the following services related to land which is not digitized before Settlement of Annual Patta (AP) lands which have already been transferred from original AP Holder to eligible resident by issuing Periodic Patta (PP) ) as per Land Policy, 2019 with a view to providing permanent, inheritable and transferable right to PP Holder

Establishment of Village Grazing Reserve (VGR) and Professional Grazing Reserve (PGR) up to 1 Bigha of residential land to selected sections of eligible residents as PP land (after reservation of VGR/PGR and reservation of corresponding amount of land as VGR/ PGR).

The Cabinet has decided to provide e-Khazana online for land revenue, local taxes, other charges and automatic conversion of all Assam for Integrated Land Transfer.


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