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New Case Update 2022

Legal updates for the current Motion have been filed.


LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Writer, producer, organizer, educator, pastor, and actor Dr. Alexander Nicolas known as “Dr. Suave1” (www.drsuave1.com) in the world of music, who originates or is a descendant of Panama City, Panama, through the Pro-Se process, in filed a THIRD Complaint DOCKET NO. MER-L-1367-22 with the Trenton Board of Education in Trenton, NJ on 7/30/2022 and in the Superior Court of Mercer County in New Jersey for unfair pay practices: (Defamatory Complaints, Responses, Unpromoted, Illegal Responses. , etc.),

The legal battle between Nicolas and the Trenton Board of Education continues. As of August 5, 2022, the presiding judge will remain anonymous due to legal obligations. The Judge granted summary judgment to the Trenton Board of Education Plaintiffs on 8/5/22. Nicolas filed an Appeal in the FIRST COURT OF NEW JERSEY APPELLATE DIVISION PO BOX 006 RICHARD J. HUGHES JUSTICE COMPLEX; Form Number: A-004039-21 appellate proceedings are scheduled for the parties to file motions and briefs in November following oral arguments.

Nicolas has been in the school district for 28 years and holds two state superintendent certifications (Florida and Pennsylvania) and all New Jersey administrative certifications: superintendent, principal, and superintendent. school since 2005 was left with no other choice but to file a THIRD lawsuit against the Trenton Board of Education on 7/30/22 for Unlawful Discrimination. Additionally, Nicolas holds all New Jersey administrative certifications: supervisor, school principal, and school administrator since 2005.

Due to the illegal actions, Nicolas had no other option but to file a Motion to Impart the Judge on legal grounds DOCKET NO. MER-L-1367-22. On 11/8/22 Nicolas filed a Motion to Dismiss Former and Current Defendants from Civil Action No. MER-L-1367-22 in the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division – Mercer County Courthouse in the state of New Jersey. Nicolas in his Motion shows that the Judge did not or did not pay attention to all the submissions made by NIcolas the Petitioner in the present legal matters DOCKET NO. MER-L-1367-22 because he is not a licensed attorney. Nicolas is the (“Plaintiff”) and has attended Law School representing himself in a Pro-Se manner in past and current legal matters before the Board of Education of Trenton. In court documents, Nicolas says he had to go above and beyond to qualify the fact that he was acting in a Prose manner to protect his legal rights. . Nicolas allegedly informed the Judge and Defense Attorney that he was in law school during oral arguments held on 8/5/22. Nicolas argued that he created or raised the fact of his legal or legal study requirements to the Court and moved the parties during the Oral Arguments on 8/5/22 to follow the justice and right decision of the Judge.

This legal battle was long overdue when Nicolas filed a Third Party Complaint filed on 2/8/22 that has just been approved by the EEOC with EEOC number: 524-2021-01722. Nicolas filed the third Amendment because of continued misconduct or violations of law by the Trenton Board of Education and its administrators. The filing of the third claim was timely filed on the EEOC’s schedule letter granting the right to join within 90 days of the date of discovery 5/4/22 . The Trenton Board of Education continues to pursue unfair pay practices against Nicolas. The Trenton Elementary School Board and its senior administrators have been notified of this situation. The new Agreement was filed on 7/30/22 Civil Action No. MER-L-1367-22.

Nicolas filed THIRD Complaint DOCKET NO. MER-L-1367-22 against the Trenton Board of Education in Trenton, NJ on 7/30/2022 and the Superior Court of Mercer County in New Jersey for unfair pay practices: (Complaint of Discrimination, Answer, No in Promotion, Unlawful Response. , etc.), In this THIRD complaint Nicolas’ case was referred to the former Judge who granted summary judgment to the Trenton Board of Education Judges on 8/5/22. Nicolas is seeking a fair resolution in his legal filings pending in the Courts. Nicolas states that “The immunity requirement does not help to ensure that life, liberty, or property are not taken away on the basis of a misapprehension or misrepresentation of the facts and the law.”

Nicolas’ fight for justice continues. Nicolas would like to thank all his supporters and those who continue to pray for him.

“For Dr. Suave1”
Among many recording artists, Dr. Suave is known because his music brings people together. Subsequently, Nicolas has been a member of The Recording Academy for twenty years. His latest release on 9/23/22 “I AM A CHAMPION” is two Gospel songs in the Grammy entry for this upcoming 65th GRAMMY Awards. The two songs are the video link “God Changed My Life (https://youtu.be/ILQR-ZWH7lY) and “I’m a Warrior” (https://youtu.be/69XlL2aSXok). The 2023 Grammys will be broadcast live on Sunday, February 5, from the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. “Dr. Suave1 Speaks” is available on all online music platforms (https://dralexandernicolas.hearnow.com/).

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