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Assam-based All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) general secretary and Sonai MLA, Karim Uddin Barbhuiya while talking to ANI said that the surveys of private madrasas in the state will be completed within 6 months. Speaking to ANI, Barbhuiya said, “The survey of private madrasas will be completed within 6 months.

It is important to note that private madrasas in the state of Assam have been asked to submit all information about their institution, including the location of their institution and their teachers to the state government by December 1. this year. Madrasas must submit all information, including the location of the institution, details of teachers etc. to the higher education department of the state government on December 1 through the organizations they work under.

Barbhuiya was commenting on the order. Regarding the appointment of teachers and staff in madrasas, he clarified, “If a foreigner is appointed as a teacher, police verification is required, it is a common practice”. It is worth noting that on 1 December to 9 October a meeting was held at the Assam Police headquarters in the presence of DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, Director of Higher Education Mamata Hojai, representatives of five organizations including All Assam Tanzim Ethnic Madras. All Assam Talimi Taraqqi Board, Education Board Madrasa Al Hafiz, Adara Madaris Islamia which manages private madrasas in the state.

Earlier on September 4, a meeting between the DGP of Assam, senior police officers and representatives of several agencies that run madrasas was held and several decisions were taken, including ensuring that no extremists are sheltered. madrasa in the name of religion. the teaching is taken. In late August this year, the Assam government demolished a madrasa in Bongaigaon district after it was allegedly used for terrorist activities. This was the third madrasa to be abolished by the Assam government after the arrest of Imams and teachers of the madrasas for alleged links with the terrorist groups Al Qaida in India (AQIS) and Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT).

Several private madrasas in the state have come under the spotlight after teachers working in some madrasas were arrested by the Assam police this year for alleged links to AQIS and ABT. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court issued a notice on the plea against the Gauhati High Court’s ruling that madrasas, which are government schools run by the State of Assam, cannot be allowed to offer religious instruction.

The petitioner challenged the judgment dated February 4, 2022, passed by the Gauhati High Court which upheld the validity of the Assam (State) Madrassa Education Act, 1995 (repealed by the 2020 Act) and all consequential Government orders. including the Notification dated February 12 2021. According to the petition, the Assam Madrassa Education (State) Act, 1995 (repealed by the 2020 Act) is limited only to the State taking payment of salaries and providing benefits. The logic of teaching and non-teaching. the staff working in the madrasas as well as the administration, management and control of those madrasas. In this application, it is stated that the land and the building of the madrasa are in the hands of the applicants, and the costs of electricity and housing materials are paid by the applicant madrasa.

According to the petition, the respondents through the questionable Notice dated 12.02.2021 waived the right of the petitioner madrasas under Article 30(1) to ‘establish’ and ‘manage’ educational institutions. including their right to decide on their own curriculum which is also based on their views on ways to preserve their religion or culture. According to the petition, on February 12, 2021, the Administrative Secretary, Department of Higher Education, in implementation of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, issued several directives through a notification to transfer the madrasas to secondary schools under the Regional Education Commission, withdrawing the subjects in the field of theology such as the Qur’an, removing the name ‘Madrassa’, banning new admissions effective April 1, 2021, to old courses, mandating that teachers of theological subjects be given training in teaching general subjects to the best of their ability, disbanding the Board of Education After the State Madrassa declares the result of AY 2021-22, transfer of all records, bank accounts of SMEB to higher education board.

The foundation of this fiasco is back in 2020. On December 14, 2020, Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said that to facilitate the secular education system in Assam, the state government has decided to make ‘education’ and 198 high schools and The other 542 Madrasahs in the region will function as other institutions of general education and will not give permission to students to study theology. Assam no longer has any state-run madrasas as they have recently been converted into normal schools.

However, private or private madrasas continue to exist. (ANI)

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