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MONTREAL, November 17, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – Access to justice is a fundamental Canadian value and an essential part of a fair and just society based on the rule of law. The Government of Canada is committed to providing fair and equal access to justice for Black and ethnic communities across the country, and addressing racism and discrimination in all its forms and in all areas of the legal system.

Today, the Honorable David Lametti, Minister of Right and the Attorney General of Canada and the Honorable Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Private Relations announced the Government of Canada is providing financial support for a project from the DESTA Black Youth Network that provides access to a range of services, relationships and legal information and resources to empower Montréal’s Black communities through programs that rooted in social and economic justice.

Through his A Human Rights Approach to Integration program, DESTA expands their “Universal Integration” program to further support the reintegration of Black people from detention into society. A legal component will be added to the program to address the complex legal needs of its participants related to community integration. The program will also develop a “Know Your Rights” program to promote legal education and empower community members with the necessary resources to better navigate the criminal justice system. This program helps incarcerated participants re-enter the community, as well as families affected by these situations.

Justice Canada is providing $278,560 over two years (2022-23 to 2023-24) through the Justice Partnership and Innovation Program.


“We are working hard to fight racism and anti-Black discrimination, which continues to be a very painful issue for Black communities across the country. The most important part of this is development. Canada Black Justice Strategy in communication and collaboration with Black communities, states and localities to help address this reality and over-reporting in the criminal justice system. By lending support to the DESTA Black Youth Network, we are helping to bring about systemic change and improve access to justice and fairness in our legal system.”

The Honorable David Lametti, PC, KC, MP
Minister of Right and the Attorney General of Canada

“Our government will remain committed to social and economic justice, as a partner for change to ensure Black communities are supported, in their community. formerly incarcerated, and provide to them the necessary resources, for their reintegration.”

The Honorable Marc Miller
Minister for Crown-Private Liaison

“For DESTA, we thank the Government of Canada for supporting our organization in doing this important work. The statistics speak for themselves… 70% more Black Canadians are in Federal Prison than 15 years ago, and even though Black Canadians make up only 3% of the population, they 10% of the prison population. These funds will strengthen and expand our reentry support services for those emerging from incarceration, as well as increase public awareness of the legal barriers facing the Black community and advocate for more fair system.”

Kassandra Kernisan,
Executive Director DESTA Black Community Network

Fast Facts

  • The December 2021 Letter of Authorization for the Minister of Right and the Attorney General, the Honorable David Lametti, is committed to development Canada Black Law Strategy with the support of the Minister for Housing and Diversity and Inclusion and communication and collaboration with states, territories and Black communities. The Strategy will help address black-on-black racism, discrimination and overrepresentation of members of Black communities in the criminal justice system.

  • In 2020-21, Black adults (age 18 or older) accounted for 4% of the adult population in CanadaProvincial inputs to correctional services (care and social services) are often reported across reporting jurisdictions, ie Nova Scotia, Ontario, Albertaa British Columbia.

  • In 2020-21, Black youth (ages 12-17), who represented 6% of the youth population in CanadaProvincial inputs to correctional services (care and social services) are often reported across reporting jurisdictions, ie Nova Scotia, Albertaa British Columbia

  • The 2021 budget was announced $21.5 million in the budget over five years to support the provision of culturally appropriate legal information and resources, and to develop legal counseling services for surrounding tribal communities. Canada. This fund supports organizations that provide public legal education and information and organizations that provide legal services and advice to tribal communities.

  • The 2022 budget intends to provide $85 million over four years, starting in 2022-23, to Canadian Heritage to support the work being done to launch a new Anti-Racism Strategy and National Action Plan about Fighting Hate. This funding supports community programs that ensure Black and ethnic and religious minority communities have access to resources that support their full participation in the Canadian economy, and also promotes programs that dealing with racism and hatred within. Canada.

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