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LONDON, November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Schillings, a leader in reputation, privacy and security crisis management, announced its investment in Hush, a US-based AI privacy startup.

As a pioneer in the field of privacy law, Schillings is committed to investing in tools to give individuals and businesses better protection for their privacy while taking advantage of the opportunities the online world has to offer.

Hush seeks to reduce the availability of personal data online with technology that allows members to “silence what the internet knows about you.” Members can track their digital footprints and delete personal information, allowing them to protect their personal information online.

Regarding investments, Allan Dunleavypartner and head of digital communications, commented:

“The online world we live in, and in particular the big tech companies that dominate it, continue to make it harder for us to protect our personal data and decide who has access to it: this has huge implications for privacy, reputation and security.

Hush shares our concern about the privacy risks posed by the uncontrolled distribution and use of our personal data online and is taking state-of-the-art measures to address this. We are excited to partner with Hush in the fight for privacy in our digital world.”

Mykola RambusCEO of Hush, commented:

“We are pleased to receive this investment from such a respected leader in anti-crisis regulation and privacy law. We believe in creating a world where the Internet does not put people at risk, but opens up human potential. This additional funding will enable us to enhance our premium privacy service so that we can continue to help our members solve the most complex digital privacy challenges they face today.”

About shillings

Schillings is on a mission to establish a true narrative. In a world where fiction can seem fact, Schillings passionately fights against privacy breaches, reputational attacks, and security threats.

Schillings has been at the heart of defamation and privacy law since 1984, and over the past decade has evolved into a multidisciplinary crisis resolution firm that includes reputation and privacy lawyers, investigators, technologists, cyber security experts and security specialists.

The nature of our digital world means that privacy threats have evolved, and online privacy is now the next frontier where the line needs to be drawn. Schillings is helping to shape that future through its online privacy campaign, Accept All: Unacceptable?.

About Hush

Hush is a premium privacy service that gives people unprecedented visibility and control over their digital footprint. Hush shows you everything the internet knows about you, assesses current threats, and starts working to eliminate digital risks on your behalf.

Combining advanced AI detection and remediation with expert-led support, Hush offers the most comprehensive digital privacy protection available. Protect yourself, your family and your workforce with Hush. To learn more, visit

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