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(KNSI) – Suspect A Weekend shooting in Sartell now faces charges of assault and child endangerment.

According to a criminal complaint, 33-year-old Michael Onlove, his wife and two children left their home in Pierce after saying her child wanted to come home after parenting time. Onlow told police that the 1911 .45-caliber handgun was kept in a separate compartment in his car, but that he had removed it and placed it in his lap. The group arrived at a home in the 1900 block of Cypress Circle, and Onelove’s wife went inside and retrieved her child and their relative from the home. She went back to talk to someone and Onelove followed. The victim, who was not initially home when Onelove arrived to pick up the children, confronted Onelove before physically removing him from the porch. The two were standing near Onlove’s car when Onlove shot the victim in the abdomen and fled the scene with his wife and four children. Onlove told police he shot the victim because he was upset that he had pushed him.

Police caught up to Onelove’s vehicle on Boulder Drive south of 2 1/2 Street North and pulled him over, according to court papers. Police said he smelled alcohol and admitted to being drunk.

Onelove was also charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

He will be produced in court on Tuesday morning.


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