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KAYSVILLE, Utah – One man is in custody after a road rage incident that started Monday afternoon on Interstate 15 ended in a shooting near Kaysville.

Utah Highway Patrol officials said two vehicles were traveling southbound on I-15 around 3 p.m. when the collision began on the highway.

Shail, the driver of the Hyundai, said she and her boyfriend were passed by a Honda CRV going well below the speed limit after she said she was passing them. Shail said that’s when the driver of the Honda started taunting them.

She says she hit the brakes before seeing the driver jump into the side of the Honda. Shots rang out before Shail said he stepped out of the lane.

“All of a sudden I hear gunshots, five to my car,” Shail said.

“When the shots started coming in the car, I braked my body and turned around,” added Shaile’s boyfriend, Michael Carnahan.

Believing a rock or some kind of device had hit their car, the couple pulled over and called UHP.

“It wasn’t until I parked and took a second to catch my breath that I realized they were real bullets,” Schile explained.

Farmington Police were the first to locate the suspect vehicle and chase it down the highway to Parrish Lane in Centerville. Within minutes, 20 officers and their vehicles arrived here behind a maverick.

“The driver started yelling and all the passengers got out. There were three people there; the three males all complied and got out very quickly. We’re now looking into possible charges of assault and reckless driving,” said Sgt. Rick Schrader with the Utah Highway Patrol.

Officers were able to find a CO2 gun in the Honda.

“People have misconstrued that it’s not a weapon just because it’s airborne, but it can cause a lot of damage and injuries,” Schrader said.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

“It was definitely a scary moment,” Carnahan shared.

It’s a moment the couple is still trying to process, especially Shail.

“I love it because it’s my son’s seat, he’s six years old, that’s where he’ll be, I don’t, he’s not today, thank God.”


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