Rapid City’s Legislative and Finance Committee has approved the second reading of an ordinance that prohibits alcohol in marijuana dispensaries. | Media Pyro


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RAPID CITY, SD– Rapid City’s Law and Finance Committee on Wednesday approved the second reading of an ordinance prohibiting the sale of alcohol in marijuana dispensaries. It could also make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to start operations, giving licensees an extra year to start operations. According to City Attorney Joel Landeen, the additional time is to give owners more time to come out before their license expires.

With the lack of recreational drugs in recent elections, is the law banning alcohol from dispensaries still necessary? Rapid City Attorney’s Office Director Joel Landeen said, “Yes, because dispensaries still exist. Well, you know, we had one application for a liquor license at a dispensary. And it always makes sense.

The final reading of the law will be before the full council on Monday. If approved, it will take effect 30 days after publication.


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