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The president of the repressive country, Vladimir Putin, has declared that mobilization has been completed in Russia, but he says he does not know if special legislation is needed for this process.

Source: Putin at the conference in Sochi

Phrases: “It’s done [mobilisation was announced – ed.] on my recommendation, but it was done at the discretion of the Ministry of Promotion.”

Details: Putin said he would receive advice on whether special legislation is needed. “I will discuss with the lawyers whether it is necessary to make a decision about the completion of the project, but it is done and the end has been added,” he said.


  • On October 31, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation announced that it had ordered its commanders to report on the completion of the joint operation on November 1.

  • On October 28, Sergei Shoigu, the Minister of Defense of Russia, told the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, that the group phase was over and that 82,000 refugees had been sent to Ukraine. .

  • On October 31, the Kremlin dodged questions about the lack of a presidential decree to end the escalation.

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