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CARTHAGE, N.Y. (WWNY) – With the help of a state police version of a SWAT team, Carthage police raided a village home Wednesday and seized weapons from a man who allegedly shot two people.

Carthage Police Chief Reginald Huber said 13 firearms, including assault and hunting rifles, a shotgun and a handgun, were seized from 825 Edward Street.

Cody Skaggs, 24, who lives there, allegedly opened fire on the pickup truck with two men.

Huber said the men from Lewis County had shrapnel in their shoulders but did not seek medical treatment. The incident happened on October 13 in Edward Street.

According to the chief, police learned Skaggs had several weapons at his home and obtained a judge’s order to search and seize the guns.

Huber said his police department is so small that he asked the state police for help. They sent in their Special Operations Response Team, described as the state police version of a SWAT team.

Troopers said Skaggs had an arrest warrant in an unrelated case and was taken into custody without incident.

Skaggs is accused of burglarizing a hunting camp on Kimballs Mills Road in Harrisville on Oct. 26. He is being held in the Lewis County Jail.

Meanwhile, the Carthage Police Department says Skaggs has pending charges in connection with the Edward Street shooting.


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