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Detectives into the slaying of nine-year-old Gabriel King in a carjacking in St James in January say there have been several roadblocks in the investigation, including law enforcement and non-cooperation of people close to the case.

King, who challenged the development, was abducted from his mother on Tucker Street in St James, after the robbers allegedly dragged her from her car and took the car with the child in the seat. right after.

In a video posted to its social media accounts on Saturday night, the Jamaica Constabulary Force said it is now locked in a legal battle to access crucial evidence from the mother of the child.

They said the trial will take place on Monday in the Parish Court of St James Parish.

Acting Officer for the St. James Police Division, Senior Superintendent Vernon Ellis, said a court order was issued to police on September 6 for the mother to access the cell phone, which police have holding, and data on the telephone location. will be handed over to the police within 48 hours.

“Through his lawyers, he is now challenging the order that was made on September 6. This important part of the investigation is the subpoena, so I will not comment on that aspect at this time,” Ellis said in a video at the same location. the place where the crime was committed.

He added, “I have to say that since the day of this murder we have faced roadblocks, some non-cooperation and some legal hurdles by people who are supposed to help with this investigation.”

The murder, which sparked national outrage, occurred on January 13, around 9 a.m., police said, when Gabriela and her mother, Amoi Leon Issa, were walking. in his Audi car on Tucker main road, Montego Bay town.

According to the story, she was slowing down to handle some potholes on the road, when a man came up to her car, slapped her in the face, dragged her out of the car and drove off with her sick child. in the back seat.

The police were notified, and the car was later found abandoned on Fairfield Main Street with the child’s body lying in the back seat of the car, his throat slit.

Investigators have gathered information from his mother; the father of the deceased child, Mike Issa; a business partner of the couple, as well as the family’s driver, gardener and housekeeper.

Gabriel’s biological father, who lives abroad, was also interviewed.

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