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Acer Aspire 1 laptops were awarded to graduating Pivotal seniors at an event held last week; additional laptops were provided to the Pivotal Emergency Relief Fund

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PlanITROI and its Digital Dreams Project teamed up with Acer to donate 100 Aspire 1 laptops to Pivotal, the only Silicon Valley nonprofit focused solely on the educational and career needs of foster youth. Celebrating on 19 May in Clara’s dad at the Roosevelt Community Center, the Digital Dreams Project presented Acer Aspire 1 laptops to all Pivotal graduating seniors. Additional laptops were provided to Pivotal for its Emergency Relief Fund, which was launched in 2020 to provide immediate financial support to sustain young people affected by COVID-19.

This donation supports Pivotal’s mission to change the lives of foster youth by helping them achieve academic and employment goals. Through one-on-one coaching, college scholarships, academic tutoring, paid summer internships, and professional development workshops, Pivotal students are 25 percent more likely to graduate high school and 10 times more likely to graduate from college than their foster peers young.

The Aspire 1 laptops with Windows 11 and Microsoft Office will give Pivotal graduating seniors the latest tools they need to pursue higher education and careers. These laptops are especially needed during this time of transition when most students lose access to the systems their high school lends. In addition, the Aspire 1 laptops donated to the Emergency Assistance Fund will help other Pivotal students who are struggling to access the technology they need to succeed academically.

“We are grateful for our partnership with Acer in providing laptops that will change the lives of these seniors,” said Paul Baum, CEO of PlanITROI. “We are committed to creating a more digitally inclusive world where every child is empowered to unlock access to their education, reach their full potential, and dream without limits.”

“We are so excited about the partnerships with the Digital Dreams Project to provide Acer laptops to our graduating seniors,” said Dazzamine Maldonado, high school coach supervisor at Pivotal. “Certainly before but even more so after the pandemic, the need for good technology at home is critical for college students. It’s great to be able to send our graduating seniors into the next phase of their education with reliable laptops and one less thing for our youth to worry about.

“Acer has been working with Pivotal for several years and is very impressed with how they support the nurturing of Silicon Valley’s youth through coaching, mentoring and professional development,” said Richard Black, vice president of marketing for Acer. “The Digital Dreams Project is committed to overcoming the digital divide, and we are thrilled to work with this amazing organization to donate Acer laptops to support Pivotal scholars in their academic and professional journeys.”

About PlanITROI and the Digital Dreams Project

The Digital Dreams Project is powered by PlanITROI and supports its mission to bridge the digital divide by converting retired, folded and idle IT devices into recertified, affordable technology solutions for the digitally underserved. PlanITROI, the global leader in Purpose-Driven Secure IT lifecycle management solutions, leverages the circular economy to prevent e-waste, increase data security and bridge the digital divide. Since 2001, PlanITROI has positively impacted millions of lives with affordable technology.

About Pivotal

Pivotal is the only non-profit in Silicon Valley dedicated exclusively to serving the educational and career needs of foster youth. The organization has been providing support to high school and college-aged students for over 30 years by offering a comprehensive set of services including one-on-one academic and employment coaching, college scholarships, tutoring, career readiness training, and paid summer internships. Pivotal helps young people from foster care get the support they need to earn a sustainable income and achieve self-sufficiency. Critical students are 25 percent more likely to graduate from high school and 10 times more likely to graduate from college than their foster youth peers. To learn more about Pivotal, visit and follow on Facebook @PivotalNow or Twitter @ThisIsPivotal.

About Acer

Founded in 1976, Acer is one of the world’s leading ICT companies with a presence in more than 160 countries. As Acer evolves with the industry and changing lifestyles, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software and services converge, creating ecosystems and opening new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. Acer’s 7,500 employees are dedicated to researching, designing, marketing, selling, and supporting products and solutions that break down barriers between people and technology. Visit for more information.

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