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PETA, the animal rights organisation, has sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) threatening legal action if it continues to ignore the potential fur species that the Ministry can keep. when he promised to replace the used bear skins for the King. The decorative caps of the guardian when found is a good resource.

Although PETA and global textile and clothing manufacturer ECOPEL have developed a material that meets the accepted criteria – and a fabric technologist has provided a “clear assessment” of the world’s first bear fur – PETA says the MoD is not supporting it. On the other hand, the trade does not want to consider evaluating or testing the fur of the bear against the necessary criteria, which is indicated by the animal rights organization as a reason for evaluation. of the law due to wrongdoing.

“The MoD has repeatedly said it will test PETA’s furs that have been sent to it, most recently in a July 2022 parliamentary debate in which the former procurement minister said he was not married to the “Peta’s legal counsel, Lorna Hackett, from Hackett & Dabbs LLP, will renew the agreement in principle if a suitable replacement is found and the wrong fur is removed.” MoD was willing to analyze the test results which showed that the wool was harmful and exceeded the standards. PETA has no choice but to seek legal review on grounds of misconduct.”

According to PETA, the letter details years of correspondence between the organization and the MoD, including assurances from the ministry that bear fur meets its criteria of being waterproof. and having fibers as long as real bear hair is removed.

In May, PETA submitted to the Ministry a four-page summary of test results, by fabric technologist Atom Cianfarani, showing the performance of faux fur in terms of drying speed and compression test – another proof that the material meets the requirements of the MoD in some areas, it is the same length as a bear’s fur, and it is 100% waterproof. But according to PETA, in August, the MoD informed Cianfarani that it would not review the report.

Kate Werner, PETA’s senior campaign manager, said: “PETA has spent years and tens of thousands of pounds developing and testing this form of bear fur, but it’s not the Ministry agrees to certify its work. ECOPEL faux fur not only meets the MoD’s requirements but also looks better than fur in some areas, so there is no reason for the Ministry to don’t take PETA’s vegan upgrade as promised.

The animal rights group said the MoD had refused to meet with the group and would not engage with its hat manufacturers, even though ECOPEL offered a free import of faux fur until 2030 – saving tax revenue and number of bears. alive.

The federal government has received more than 100,000 signatures in support of PETA’s campaign, which will be debated in parliament in July, the group said.

After decades of publicly telling the public that its fur came from bears killed as part of the Canadian government’s “culls,” the MoD admitted it in a response to a request for approval. Talk to him and buy the finished tires, without knowing about his supply chain, later. PETA has found no evidence that these weapons exist in any Canadian province or territory.

But, according to PETA, hunters get permission to bait and kill bears for “sport,” and then sell their fur to auction houses. The skin of one bear is enough to make one hat. Some may be shot several times before dying, while others may escape and only bleed to death. The use of bows and arrows is permitted to hunt bears. Caring mothers are among those who die and leave the young to starve without them.

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