Over 125590 land allotment letters were issued to legal land owners in Srinagar, which has reached 93% coverage. | Media Pyro


SRINAGAR: Continuing to achieve the goal of issuing Land Forms to legal land owners for renewal to improve transparency in service delivery in the Revenue Department, Srinagar District has achieved a score of 93.02 coverage under the current land grant book distribution. 125590 Books have been produced against the total target of 135011 books to be produced.

Speaking on the matter, the Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar, Mohammad Aijaz Asad said that the conversion from Land Registers is a major milestone in the Revenue Department’s efforts to promote ease of access. more people to financial records.

According to the DC, Land Registers have the same value as certified copies of Record-of-Rights for all purposes and purposes before Courts and financial institutions.

The DC also said that the land transfer documents issued to each land owner contain the entry of Jamabandi in the Revenue Estate, so that the land owner can use it for obtaining loan and other purposes that Financial Records are required.

The DC has added a unique ID and QR Code for each Land Register to add security, and with the help of a QR code any company, individual or organization can verify the identity and authenticity of the Land Register. Country. “It will be a tool for addressing different grievances, lawsuits, disputes in various forums and references”, he added.

So far, the land owners who have received the land transfer letters have expressed their gratitude to the LG administration for issuing the land transfer letters. They also appreciated the construction without moving the pillar to hang for lack of Budget documents.

A revenue official said that Srinagar district has the highest number of land registers distributed among the landowners.


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