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On November 16, OMEGA X held a press conference at the Seoul Bar Association in Seocho to discuss the allegations against their former CEO.

During the press conference, the group’s legal representative Noh Jong Eon said that a lawsuit is currently underway to terminate OMEGA X’s contract with SPIRE Entertainment.

Warning: Content of harassment and abuse.

Lawyer Noh Jung Eon said, “This is not our problem but a social issue. We dared to change this. Things that were not considered in 2022 South Korea. Now we are struggling to cancellation of the exclusive contract.Strong measures will be taken including criminal charges and demand for compensation.

Last month, one of OMEGA X’s fans claimed on Twitter that they saw the CEO of the group SPIRE Entertainment beating the members after their concert in Los Angeles. SPIRE Entertainment released a statement saying that OMEGA X and the agency “have resolved all their doubts.” After the controversy continued to attract attention, SPIRE Entertainment issued an apology and announced that the CEO had resigned. However, many other allegations continue to emerge.

OMEGA X’s legal representative announced the group’s plan to file a criminal complaint on charges of assault, threats, criminal activity by force, and attempted threats. He added, “There is a lot of evidence including photos, videos, and voice recordings.” The lawyer said the members were threatened after the raid and an internal certificate was issued demanding payment of 300 to 400 million won (about $230,000 to $300,000) each. In addition, above Chief Kang was Chairman Hwang who did not care at all despite knowing this situation. The legal team announced their plans to obtain compensation from Chairman Hwang and hold him guilty of aiding and abetting Chairman Kang.

Warning: There is a brief introduction to suicide in the following section.

The members also shared their stories. Jaehan said, “After practice, Chief Kang called me and forced me to drink. He even tried to commit suicide. He touched my face and hand. After he finished drinking, he he called me through KakaoTalk. He punished me by saying that if we continue to be idols, we should crawl. He also said that he would commit suicide, so the members got medicine. We just wanted to be praised as a person who loves music.”

Jaehan also said that the members endured the treatment because they were afraid of losing their last place. He explained, “For all of us, it was our second attempt, and we didn’t want to waste time. We thought we should be patient for the fans waiting for us. As the oldest member and leader, I was very afraid that our dreams would collapse when I looked at our exhausted members. We have endured and endured, but we have reached a point where we cannot endure anymore. We were brave for anyone and everyone who dreams the same dream as us.

Yechan also said that the CEO and Chairman were kind at first but then began to have a negative influence on their lives and values. Also talking about the drinking sessions, Yechan also said that the members are clear. Hangyeom said that during the company’s dinners, the members did not drink instead of one another, and they were treated badly the next day. Sebin added, “They said we wouldn’t have a future album if we didn’t want to go to drinking parties.”

Lawyer Seo Joo Yeon also recounted the harassment the members suffered, saying they were touched on the thighs and face so that someone’s breathing could be heard during the drinking sessions they were forced to attend. . Lawyer Seo also explained the mental and emotional abuse that the CEO and Chairman did by treating the members and then hurting them through their desire to promote themselves as idols.

It was also revealed at the press conference that the members are worried after the abuse. In particular, Hangyeom said that he is always worried when he makes drunken calls, so he is bothered by everyday noises, including vibrations, alarm sounds, and bass sounds in the music. During the time he spoke alone with Chief Kang, Hangyeom said he had trouble breathing due to the strain.

Junghoon added, “We haven’t received any sympathy since returning home after the recession. Instead, they raised the issue of our enlistment. They threatened us by giving us nonsense about the accounts. We decided after the decision that we couldn’t talk to them.

Yechan said, “I hope people don’t get hurt because of others. Everyone is born to be loved, and I hope everyone realizes that only one’s life is precious. I didn’t know. to that before, and it was a difficult time, so I hid in a hole. Now, I think I can overcome this.

OMEGA X wraps up by sharing, “We all worked hard while dreaming of the same dream to become musicians,” expressing their hope that this will be a place for those involved in the profession. bad They continued, “There is one more thing we want to tell our fans. Above all, 11 members came to this place because we have the strength of our fans. .Thanks to the fans, we were brave, so eleven members will not stop, we will continue to perform songs and shows while thanking the fans by showing the positive side to us.

Previously, OMEGA X also released a group statement after launching new Instagram accounts that are not under the control of their agency. You can follow OMEGA X on their new Instagram account here.

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