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Check it out list for NY Cannabis Insider’s full-day meeting in Tarrytown on November 4, then gand tickets before they sell out!

We’re less than a week away from the all-day NY Cannabis Insider event in Tarrytown, and we can’t wait to see everyone in attendance!

Let’s take a look at what was said last week:

On Tuesday, I wrote about the growing concern that NY’s testing standards for whole yeast and yeast are so stringent that most adult-use weed grown under the law does not reach the trading floors. The Cannabis Regulatory Authority last month released testing requirements for marijuana flowers and extracts. Those laws include restrictions on yeast and mold that Dan Livingston, executive director of the Cannabis Association of New York, says is unrealistic, especially for weed grown outdoors.

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In a call to nearly 50 licensed growers, Livingston said nearly all were concerned that their plants were meeting yeast and mold standards.

We held another panel discussion on Sunday; a guest post by Wayne Margulies, a drug insurance expert with HUB International, on the types of insurance companies to buy.

If the company does not have a separate insurance policy, the losses for their drug use will fall on the business: from paying a lawyer to defend the claims or to pay for injuries if found it right, Margulies wrote.

In a fascinating article, reporter Andrew Ward examines the politics and culture of weed in NYC, and how it’s changed over the past half century.

As the drug war intensified to stop narcotics, marijuana was included in the tapes, which often served as a gateway for the police to search and arrest individuals, enter the criminal justice system through fingerprints or criminal records, Ward said. But today, the tide is turning.

I wrote an overview of the New York State Cannabis Expo, Convention and Events, which will be held in Albany this weekend. Organizers are expecting more than 500 attendees at the event, which will feature a job fair and a vendor show, as well as an event featuring expert panels and workshops.

Vitality CBD founder Scott Mazza offers a guest post about what researchers are learning about CBD and menopause. Increasingly, research is looking into the health benefits of the compound, Mazza writes, and the early results are continuing.

Continuing our People to Know series in the NY Cannabis series, last week we featured Joseph Ortiz, a drug addiction patient and founder of Private Caregivers Collective, providing information and tools for medical patients in New York State.

We also posted the latest piece by attorney Jeffrey Hoffman on Friday. During the interview, Hoffman answered and considered questions about hay harvesting, DASNY and more.

Finally, we posted some information yesterday evening about OCM’s release of the CAURD guidelines. The rules, which cover topics from record-keeping to training for employees to organize and follow-up, come two months before the government’s annual deadline to opened New York’s first adult dispensary.

Have a great weekend everyone, hope to see many of you in Tarrytown on Friday!


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