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Another fall weekend has passed and we’re one week closer to the deadline New York has set to open the state’s first dispensaries by the end of 2022. Let’s take a look at what we covered. :

Yesterday we wrote about how weed industry stakeholders are reacting to the deeply disturbing news of a judge’s order regarding New York’s CAURD program. U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe on Thursday blocked New York’s Department of Cannabis Control from issuing marijuana licenses under the Adult-Use Drug Enforcement Program in five of the state’s 14 counties. CAURD dispensaries are licensed. The order applies to CAURD applicants in the Finger Lakes, Central New York, Western New York, Mid-Hudson and Brooklyn.

The lawsuit alleges that New York’s CAURD requirements discriminate against out-of-state drug developers in violation of the Federal Dormant Commerce Clause. The clause prohibits countries from enacting laws that discriminate against or significantly burden trade between countries.

Reporter Andrew Ward spoke to a variety of experts about the pros and cons of New York’s marijuana grow laws. The state’s health insurance policies went into effect on October 5, and recently, these laws have been extended to adults across the state.

The sentiment among many cannabis sources represents an air of optimism, Ward said. However, some caution that more general knowledge and consideration of specific individuals is needed to address the legal issues and more complex areas.

David Pejovic, a New York drug attorney who serves as vice chairman and co-founder of the Cannabis Association of New York’s (CANY) marketing committee, wrote an article for us on the issue of drug licensing. hard use of New York.

Since bankruptcy courts have declared that illegal drug businesses are still legal under federal law, these courts and their protections are not available to marijuana businesses across the country, according to and Pejovic. The lack of bankruptcy protection has limited creditor remedies, and as a result, commercial lending and financing conditions are stricter against these businesses.

Peter Su – a SVP with financial services/advisory company Green Check Verified – and David Zontak – a student at Cardozo School of Law – wrote an op-ed for NY Cannabis Insider that states that legal governments are using the trees All in all, there is no carrot to cajole traditional players into the legal market.

Su and Zontak write that countries and markets need to rethink ‘college’ in order to attract and encourage enrollment; Carrots may include lowering start-up costs, simplifying testing requirements, better access, and lowering excise and farm taxes.

Earlier in the week Prince Lobel Tye shared with us 20 FAQs – which the agency first published on its website – about the CAURD guidelines of the Office of Cannabis Management. The Guide will have significant implications for pharmacy operations and the customer experience when the first New York retail locations open, predicted to occur in early 2023, the paper notes.

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Tracey Kauffman, chairman and founder of Cannaspire, wrote a guest column on How to make sure the drug industry is safe from cyberattacks.

Our People to Know NY Cannabis series continues, last week we featured George Vlamis, a founder of four cannabis companies, including one that is applying for a CAURD license.

Finally, we posted the latest episode of attorney Jeffrey Hoffman on Friday. During the interview, Hoffman answered and considered questions about insurance, donations and more.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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