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A survivor of a mass shooting in Portapique, NS died suddenly in April 2020.

On Sunday, RCMP responded to the home where Leon Jaudry was found dead. They say there is no mystery in his death.

Jaudrey lived in Portapic at the time of the mass shooting.

The killer’s common-law partner, Lisa Banfield, ran to Jodry’s home for help on the morning of April 19, 2020, after she went on the run from Gabrielle Wortman.

Jaudrey has spoken with CTV News on several occasions since the tragedy.

“I’m lucky, I survived,” Jaudry said in an interview with CTV News a month after the 22 murders.

CTV News last spoke to Jaudry on October 26. He said he had lived anywhere other than Portapick for about two years but had to return to maintain the house and grounds on Orchard Beach Road after unsuccessfully trying to sell the property.

“Living here is a complete nightmare,” he told CTV News. “All I see are my dead friends and fires and SWAT teams and I don’t even want to be here anymore.”

In addition to having trouble selling his property, Jaudry said he is also struggling financially. He was unable to work for two years at his previous forestry job and was told that his disability benefits through his employer would run out in early 2023.

He said the whole experience took a toll on his mental health and he spent a month in a psychiatric hospital. He said he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder but no one followed him after his release.

“Well, they forgot about me,” he told CTV News on Oct. 26. “I fell through the cracks in the mental health system and it wasn’t until about four months before they did any follow-up or testing on me.”

Jaudrey said he has been seeing a psychiatrist and recently contacted a psychologist.

One of the attorneys representing the families of the victims and survivors told CTV News last week that Jaudrey’s struggle is indicative of what many are going through.

“A lot of them are forgotten,” Sandra McCulloch said. “There are mass casualty survivors who are still suffering; They still don’t have full support.”

The issue of supporting survivors was one she raised at the Mass Casualty Commission investigating the disaster.


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