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Eric Ulrich resigns as Commissioner of the Department of Housing

Eric Ulrich stepped down from his position as Department of Housing (DOB) Commissioner last Thursday, following reports of an investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office into illegal gambling. Ulrich, a former Republican City Council member, has held the position since May. The scope of the DA’s investigation predates his time as Commissioner, and Ulrich has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Mayor Adams accepted his resignation and announced that Kazimir Vilenchik, who was DOB’s First Deputy Commissioner, will serve as Acting Commissioner.

NYC Employers are required to post salary ranges on job listings

Employers in New York City must disclose salary ranges in job offers, under a new city law that took effect Tuesday. The Council implemented this to increase transparency of wages and reduce gender and race wage gaps. The new rules apply to any company with more than 4 employees, and the salary range must be provided “in good faith.” However, in the first few days since the law’s passage, many companies have posted very wide ranges with variances of $100,000+, providing an early test of the “good faith range.”

Mayor Adams Launches NYC Legal Initiative

Last week, Mayor Eric Adams launched the New York City Legal Fellows Program, a new public partnership. Law associates work for one year in the legal offices of many City departments, including the Department of Investigation, Department of Criminal Justice, and the Department of Education. These junior partners remain employed and paid by their firms, but serve as city employees for their designated firms. Mayor Adams also expressed interest in expanding similar programs to the technology and health sectors in addition to this enrollment program.


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