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Three global educational non-profits, namely Educational Testing Services, ERS; American Institutes for Research, AIR and the Australian Council for Educational Research, ACER to establish a regulator of school examinations.
According to the report, the school examinations regulator is on the talks and three global bodies have shown interest in them. This is called PARAKH aka Performance Appraisal, Review and Analysis of Knowledge and Development. The three global bodies have expressed interest in setting up the first national school examination and assessment regulator for NCERT in India. This exam controller has not been finalized yet but NCERT would set it up soon.
Of the three global bodies, all of them are famous for conducting entrance exams to study abroad such as ETS which is very famous for conducting the English as a Foreign Language Examination and Postgraduate Record Examination for students to gain admission in the best universities abroad. AIR and ACER are renowned for research in the field of behavioral and social science and learning assessment studies. These three bodies have shown interest in NCERT and responded to what is known as Expression of Interest to help them select consultancy services in setting up PARAKH.
PARAKH, the regulator of school examinations, will aim to establish comparative measures and equivalence among school examination boards and to promote cooperation among them. It will be expected that the controller of examinations will address the issue of differences in scores among students who are part of different boards. NCERT PARAKH, exam controller will be set up soon.


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