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In today’s digitized world, privacy, online theft and hacking are serious concerns. A new report found that more than a third of people (33 percent) would delete their online profiles if they could.

A report released Tuesday by virtual private network (VPN) provider NordVPN said 45 percent of respondents said there was no reason for their name to be on the Internet, while 42 percent said they felt used. as companies collect their data and use it in their interests.

What did the report find?

While 34 percent of people surveyed said they feel like someone will eventually hack their devices, 31 percent don’t trust the internet.

According to the survey of 10,800 respondents, half (50 percent) said they would most like to see their personal financial information removed from the Internet.

Other information people want removed:

Embarrassing photos and videos, embarrassing moments, old acquaintances/social media profiles, and past work history. It is estimated that 63 percent of the world’s population is currently online.

“While removing yourself from the Internet sounds like a good idea to those concerned about their personal information being accessible to the wrong entities, you have to ask yourself if complete erasure is possible in our digital world,” Daniel said. Marcuson, NordVPN’s digital privacy expert.

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“Our survey also found that some would support a more hands-on approach, with 38 percent in favor of paying for permanent anonymous internet use,” he added.

For those who want to be anonymous online and are willing to pay for it, 27 percent of people would pay up to $100, 7 percent would pay between $101 and $500, and 3 percent would pay between $501 and $1,000 to be anonymous. .

The report notes that two percent of respondents said they would pay even more.

About 71 percent of people would fear having their financial data accessed by a hacker (or a malicious third party), while 43 percent said it was text messages and emails, 35 percent said “medical information,” 33 percent said that “accounts in social networks”, and 24 percent said “sex life”.

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