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  • Referendum Act 131 would add a law protecting “live birth” infants.
  • Respondents say the law is necessary to protect the health of infants after birth.
  • Advocates say the practice is flawed and violates providers’ right to make medical decisions.

A “yes” vote on LR-131 would create legislation that would recognize live-born infants as legal persons and require health care providers to try to preserve that infant’s life.

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The state of Montana will vote on a controversial amendment that mandates that babies born alive, including babies born alive from abortion, be kept alive by health care workers.

The Republican Montana State Legislature voted to add LR-131 to the November ballot.

The measure defines a “live birth” baby as one that has been removed from the womb by abortion, delivery, or C-section and shows signs of “breathing, a a beating heart or a normal movement. muscles” at any stage of development.

The proposed law would require health care workers to monitor the infant’s survival and provide information about the live-born child. If they don’t, they face up to $50,000 in fines and up to 20 years in prison.

Montana law has made infanticide illegal.

Support and opposition

Sponsors of the measure include GOP Gov. Greg Gianforte, the University of Charlotte Lozier, and other pro-life groups, who say the law would make it clear that the government supports the health of infants after lack of abortions.

No on LR-131 is leading the fight against this ballot measure with Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Montana Medical Association, and OB/GYNs across the state.

Opponents say the amendment would mean that parents who have had children with serious birth defects can’t see their babies before they die because they have medical prescriptions.

They also argue that the law places an undue burden on health care providers trying to make the best decisions for their patients.


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