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Challenges to the electoral process in Arizona are underway in 2022, as in the 2020 election.

Here’s a list of what’s happened in Arizona so far in the general election cycle.

Cochise County Hand Count

Disputes over the vote count in this southeastern Arizona county, which has a population of about 125,500, have been going on for days. Cochise County officials now plan to count all ballots cast in the Nov. 8 election, officials said Oct. 28.

That hand count is illegal under Arizona law, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said. The council’s stance revived the dispute and resulted in a lawsuit.

Earlier, under pressure from the secretary of state, the council went out of its way to hand-count the votes cast at polling centers on Election Day.

County officials say they want to reduce voter distrust in elections by manually counting ballots to match those made by counting machines. But critics say it’s a ploy to create illusions about the returns and create a pool of non-voters to challenge the election results.

election drama: Officials say all votes have been re-counted manually

Inspectors provide information on: Cochise County provides some information on manual counting; Katie Hobbs is obviously satisfied

‘For the people’: Cochise supervisors will vote by hand counting the votes

The ballot box controversy

U.S. District Court Judge Michael Liburdi denied an emergency order barring ballot box inspectors from gathering outside Arizona polling places.

A federal judge’s ruling on Oct. 28 came after two voting rights groups filed a legal challenge targeting the conservative group Clean Elections USA, which organized the drop-box inspection in the Phoenix area, and its founder, Melody Jennings.

The trial will continue regardless of his decision. Liburdi ordered the court clerk to keep the case open, and attorneys with the Arizona Alliance of Retired Americans said they would appeal.

A separate, but similar lawsuit was filed Oct. 25 by Protect Democracy on behalf of the Arizona Women’s Suffrage League. In addition to Clean Elections USA, he named Lions of Liberty, a right-wing group in Yavapai County. The group said on Oct. 27 it would stop monitoring outdoor ballot boxes in response to a legal challenge.

No emergency orders: Federal judge rejects injunction in ballot box lawsuit

In Yavapai County: Lions of Liberty will stop checking ballot boxes

Plead for action: Will a federal judge end ballot box inspections?

Legal challenges: Ballot box inspectors face lawsuits from voting rights groups

Polling errors are flagged

Elections officials pointed out some problems that were identified early, and time to fix them before the election on November 8.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office said registrations for 6,000 voters are being double-checked after the county auditor’s office identified a problem with identifying eligible voters. voting can only be done in state contests.

In Cochise County, 550 early voters received incorrect ballots in the mail.

Confusion and corrections: The errors are found on several thousand ballots that have been cast in Arizona

How to create a poll

Runbeck Election Services CEO Jeff Ellington explains the process and security involved in their election campaign.

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