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A 38-year-old man was “peacefully” taken into custody Thursday after fatally shooting a man in Dearborn, Michigan and holding him in a hotel room for more than six hours.

After hours of negotiations, “the barricaded gunman was taken into custody without incident. Michigan Ave is still closed while the investigation continues,” Michigan State Police Tweeted Thursday night.

Dearborn Police Chief Isa Shahin said at a news conference Thursday night that the suspect has a history of mental illness.

“Before we arrived, there was a shooting, a fatal one,” Shahin said. A 55-year-old clerk at Hampton Inn was killed.

Dear Police Tweeted CT Thursday at 12:51 p.m. There was an “active shooting scene” at 22324 Michigan Ave., and people were asked to stay away from “active and dangerous scenes.” Dearborn is 6 miles west of Detroit.

The incident started after he got suspicious with the hotel staff over the money.

Soldiers and officials are working to clear the entire area around the hotel. Please stay away from the area as this is an active situation and extremely dangerous to the public,” state police Tweeted.

Duval Elementary School, located less than a mile from the Hampton Inn, was under a soft lockdown.

“There is a situation outside the building and we are not allowing anyone into the school at this time. All our staff and students are safe and our learning and day continues. There will be no extracurricular activities at Duval,” the school posted on its website.


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