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Cyber ​​insurers, attorneys, e-discovery firms can quickly scan thousands of client websites to identify and mitigate privacy risks

REDWOOD CITY, CA., November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LOCKERprovider of data privacy and compliance solutions for enterprises, today announced the availability LOKKER Privacy Edge PRO™, a cloud-based software solution that automates the rapid analysis of thousands of websites; identifies specific trackers, pixels and cookies; and alerts website owners when their customers’ personal information is at risk. This offering is designed for privacy attorneys, e-discovery firms, and cyber insurers to use in their client portfolios.

A series of recent class action lawsuits lawsuits and actions by state attorneys general warned companies that they are responsible for cookies, trackers and tags on their websites that can collect and share consumer data without consumer consent, including personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information I (PHI). ). With regulations such as the California Privacy Rights Act and virginia The law on the protection of consumer data enters into force January 1, 2023inevitably increased regulatory support.

“With escalating lawsuits and regulatory actions, LOKKER Privacy Edge PRO™ addresses a critical market need to assess risk across a portfolio of websites simultaneously,” he said. Jan Cohen, founder and CEO of LOKKER. “Insurers, law firms and eDiscovery consultants can quickly scan thousands of sites, identify specific trackers and determine if their clients are at risk so they can take action using LOKKER’s data protection features.”

LOKKER Privacy Edge PRO™ enables data privacy professionals to analyze all of their clients’ websites for known privacy risks in one integrated dashboard view. LOKKER Privacy Edge PRO™ can determine whether certain trackers, tags and pixels are running on a website, on which pages they are located, what personal data is collected and with whom the data is shared. Armed with this information, privacy attorneys and consultants can help their clients protect their clients’ data and mitigate potential lawsuits, regulatory fines, and penalties.

For more information about LOKKER Privacy Edge PRO™, visit https://lokker.com/online-privacy-solutions/privacy-edge-pro/.


LOKKER is a Silicon Valley data privacy company that develops software for businesses to protect their customers’ sensitive personal information from misuse and disclosure. LOKKER’s Privacy Edge™ platform is a SaaS-based solution that automates the detection and mitigation of Javascript-based threats that lead to serious incidents, fines and reputational damage to companies. For more information, visit lokker.com.



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