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Is there no way to rid the US legal system of all these court appeals?

Most businesses are funded by employment.

Imagine if there was a standard requirement for divorce. I believe many attorneys will find a way to get it done in 30 days or less, not nearly a year on average.

It seems that our legal system has become a system of legalized garbage.

And nowhere is that more evident than in the political world.


Mount Pleasant

Knowledge is in trouble

Teachers are not the problem with our education system. Some include parents, national teachers’ unions, campaigners and school administrators.

A few years ago, Gerrita Postlewait, when she was Superintendent of the Charleston County School District, said that children entering Title I schools were two years behind other students.

I believe that a major factor is that these children were raised in single-parent homes, and may not have had much help, especially with reading and writing.

Unions have far too much power in those states where they are allowed, as was seen at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when schools were forced to close for extended periods of time.

Schools should focus on the subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic.

After high school, students should look to further their education to prepare for employment.

One option is to attend a school that teaches trades, such as Trident Technical College, where a two-year program can train students in a major that can lead to a well-paying job. And it costs less than a four-year degree.

For those going to a four-year college, they should be careful to choose a major that will benefit their future career and pay well.

Unfortunately, too many owners don’t do that.

Another problem with college is the cost. Inflation has increased three times over the past 30 years.

Due to the large increase involved in administrative activities, the impact on the quality of education is minimal.

Problems related to education are not easy to fix, and for many reasons it will take time to restore education to what was done in the past years.

Let’s start now.


Sea island

Give people a voice

During the October 19 Supreme Court hearing on abortion, Justice Kaye Hearn asked Kevin Hall, attorney for GOP legislative leaders, why the General Assembly had not passed the abortion question to the public in the election. “Why did it disappear?”

Justice George James replied for Hall: “Congress is the people.”

As one of “the people,” I have trouble with that answer. The South Carolina General Assembly has 46 senators: 30 Republicans and 16 Democrats.

There are 80 Republicans and 43 Democrats in the House of Representatives, with one vacancy.

Since the minority in the Legislature is Democratic, does Justice James think that Democrats are the same on this or any other issue?

Does Judge James think that all Republicans are in favor of Congressmen having absolute authority to determine privacy rights and that all Democrats are against it?

Considering how difficult a woman’s reproductive health can be, it makes sense to ask every voter to have a voice on the abortion issue.

Every South Carolina voter must be properly represented.



More about candidates

The Oct. 15 Post and Courier spent most of its page detailing the Coalition for Kids’ endorsement of Charleston County School Board candidates.

With the elections approaching, is it better to use the newspaper sites to tell us about the candidates themselves than the activities of a support group?



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