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The Constitution of India guarantees certain rights to all citizens of the country. However, due to lack of education and awareness, most people do not exercise their rights. Those who are most in need of legal help face many barriers to honest information and action, leaving them in the middle of nowhere.

To tackle this problem, Nyaaya, an open-access digital resource, was founded in 2016 to make legal information accessible to all Indians. The organization provides simple, practical, authentic, and accessible legal information (SARAL) in audio, video, and written formats to help people solve their everyday legal problems. .

Launch of Samvidhaan Fellowship 2022-23

The organization, with an aim to serve the sections of the society, launched the Samvidhaan Fellowship 2022-23 in Karnataka as a pilot program. The program is implemented to make the victims aware of their rights and access to justice.

The one-year grant will give seven lawyers from Karnataka the opportunity to work to close the last miles to join the judiciary. When you share information with The logical Indianthe organization mentioned that these partners will work with partner organizations Nyaaya and the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority to create audio, video, and written legal documents in Kannada.

Candidates will also participate in legal awareness training programs conducted by Nyaaya and its partners to resolve people’s legal problems. Samvidhaan Fellows are supported by Nyaaya’s Access to Justice Network of over 500 lawyers and law students from all over India, who provide advocacy and research support.

Diverse Group of Friends

Commenting on the work of the Fellows, Nyaaya’s Team Leader, Anisha Gopi, said, “All the legal content is in hard, full English that anyone can understand. only 10% of India’s population has access to it. That’s why I’m so happy Friends should follow Nyaaya to create legal and accessible information in Kannada and give support before justice to the vulnerable communities of Karnataka Our candidates are a diverse group of motivated lawyers, and we hope they will act as game changers to help them. communities participate in fair delivery processes.”

According to the organization, the seven friends are Amrita Shivaprasad, Gangadhara DS, Geetha Sajjanshetty, Manoranjini Thomas, Geetha SP, Jairam Siddi, and Shirisha B Reddy. The diverse group of friends, 70 percent of whom are women, come from different backgrounds, age groups and locations in Karnataka. They will lead the way to empower people from the lower sections of the society.

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