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It was reported Sunday that David Raskin, one of the nation’s leading prosecutors for stealing government documents, joined the Justice Department team investigating Donald Trump’s documents obtained by each from the White House to Mar-a-Lago. Like the Washington Post explained, it shows that the DOJ is serious and they are moving forward with prosecuting the former president.

“They’re now focused on classified documents that were kept at Mar-a-Lago, which compromises our national security. That’s why you’re bringing in a national security expert,” said former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks. “The recent news about the documents coming out of that archive about Iran and China is very alarming and threatens our security. It’s very smart to focus on that. It’s very difficult for the Department of the Law should not follow this to any accusation. .”

“Many people have been accused of possessing illegal property, taking it wrongly. It’s true, Donald Trump is a former president. He doesn’t have special rights,” he explained. He should be responsible. If not, it’s opening the door for people in the future to do the same. If he ever returns to office, let’s continue to do bad things.”

He talks about what to do next, including Trump’s willingness to delay for a long time before speaking.

“He’s known for slowing down, slowing down, and calming down,” he continued. “He’s going to keep delaying. He can’t just thumb his nose at the committee because we know what’s going to happen. We can expect that there will be discussions with that committee. right, but they can finish their work before the end of the year and then if the Democrats don’t keep control of the House, we don’t know yet. the report, and I know what the predictions are, but this cannot be predicted, because in the last elections, the Democrats have exceeded expectations.”

He added that he still hoped the committee would continue. Even if that doesn’t happen, however, the Justice Department’s investigation will continue.

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