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In a pilot program announced today, Legal Aid Chicago, the largest legal services organization in the Chicago area, is launching an integration program between LegalServer, a case management system for public legal aid and public defender organizations, and Paladin, the pro bono management program.

Fnot funded by the Legal Services Corporation Technology Initiative Grant (TIG), this is the first collaboration between LegalServer and Paladin.

The move will strengthen volunteer advocacy and ultimately help provide free legal services to a larger population of people living in poverty, Legal Aid Chicago said in a release.

“Combining our case management system with Paladin’s pro bono placement platform allows us to increase efficiency when placing pro bono cases,” said Melissa Picciola, Chicago Legal Assistant Director of Partnership and Community Relations. “The better we can do it, the more customers we can help to increase access to justice.”

Through integration, users in Legal Aid Chicago can click a button in Legal Server’s pro bono module to send specific case data to Paladin’s system over time. When clients are identified and apply for pro bono cases at Paladin, their information will be available for review by Legal Aid Chicago. Once the case is filed, it will automatically return to LegalServer.

Cross-system collaboration plays an important role in streamlining pro bono workflows across the ecosystem, and The infrastructure created in this project will pave the way for other legal aid organizations to complete similar facilities, according to those involved in developing this facility.

“Legal services organizations are the backbone of our legal aid system,” said Paladin CEO Kristen Sonday. “Working with their current infrastructure will increase the number of people we can serve, so we appreciate the forward-thinking of Legal Aid Chicago and LSC in supporting this effort.”

LegalServer and Paladin integration will be available to other legal services organizations starting in early 2023, Sonday said. Legal aid organizations interested in joining a pre-launch beta testing group can contact [email protected].


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