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A new professional body of lawyers called the Law Society of Nigeria (LSN) has been unveiled.

The LSN, which was officially released on Sunday, poses a threat to the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has been a single legal team since 1933.

In a statement, Douglas Ogbankwa, indicates that the National press secretary of LSN, said that the community is the “new sheriff in the city”.

Ogbankwa said there is no law that prevents lawmakers from seeking alternatives from the NBA.

“In redefining the ideas of the founding fathers of the legal profession in Nigeria, the Law Society of Nigeria has been established, a new professional body of lawyers called to the Nigerian Bar,” he said.

“This is in line with the best practices of the world, offering an alternative way to ensure that lawyers live in the world of those who share their values.

“The LSN, and its members, spread across Nigeria, exist to empower the legal profession and quality member services, access to justice, maintain and promote the cause of justice, and promote the rule of law by aiding and abetting good governance.”

Ogbankwa said LSN has informed the Body Of Benchers of its dealings with the new directors through a letter dated October 24.

The NBA leader has yet to comment on the development.

The latest, although unsuccessful, Trying to break up the NBA is the creation of the New Nigerian Bar Association in August 2020 two northern lawyers Nuhu Ibrahim and Abdulbasit Suleiman.


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